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Teylers Museum

Age 10+, Adults, Age 12+

Four times a week we offer a guided tour in English that takes you along the highlights of the museum. Special attention goes to the origins of the museum in the Pieter Teyler House.

Campaign image Enjoy the summer at Teylers

Enjoy the summer at Teylers!

Enjoy the Summer at Teylers!

From 6 July to 1 September, the oldest museum in the Netherlands will be in a summer festival spirit again. All summer long, Teylers will bustle with activities: there is something to do for everyone. 'Enjoy the Summer at Teylers' is a pleasant voyage of discovery, a refreshing plunge into Teylers’ fascinating history and collection. Visit the exhibition 'The Grand Illusion' or join in with one of the many activities!

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Spaarne 16, 2011 CH Haarlem

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