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Dutch law applies to this website. In addition to and clarification of this, this disclaimer has been drafted. 'De Stichting tot Beheer en Instandhouding van Teylers Museum' cannot be held liable for information in any form posted by third parties on the website or for information in printed media based on data from the website (hereinafter: this website).

Teylers Museum endeavors to update and/or supplement the content of the website as often as possible. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that the displayed content is incomplete and/or incorrect. The information in the online collection is continuously updated but does not always reflect the latest status regarding attribution and dating.

The information and images offered on the website are provided without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. These materials may change at any time without prior notice from Teylers Museum.

All prices and times on the website are subject to typographical and programming errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors. No agreement is reached based on such errors.


All intellectual property rights concerning information and images on the website belong to Teylers Museum, to the individual artists united in the Pictoright foundation, or fall under the Creative Commons License Attribution/Non-Commercial 3.0 Netherlands (CC-BY-NC), unless otherwise indicated. For commercial use or high-resolution images, please contact the Photography department.

Teylers Museum aims to make images of as many objects from the collection available via the website and search function in the future. The images from the collection are made by the museum's Photography department. Copyright applies to works of which the creator has not been deceased for 70 years. Pictoright has granted Teylers Museum a license to display images of such works on the website. For artworks of which the creator has not been deceased for 70 years, the following applies: ┬ęPictoright Amsterdam. If you believe you have a right to certain images, please contact the museum.

The collection is registered with the database software of Axiell ALM Netherlands and made accessible by Q42.

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