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Knoestige oude boom Waterloo, Anthonie, (1609-1690) (tekenaar), na 1629 - voor 1690

Environment and Society

Teylers Museum does all it can to operate as sustainably as possible, both in its management and in the maintenance and restoration of its monumental building.

Teylers Museum has a Green Key certificate for being a sustainable museum location. The Green Key is awarded to locations seriously and demonstrably active in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and care for the environment and nature in the business and its surroundings. Globally, more than 1,600 businesses in 18 countries are certified by this international standard. Certification by Green Key is carried out by external inspectors of the Stichting Keurmerk Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit (KMVK; foundation for the certification of environment, safety and quality).

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Teylers Museum satisfies the following conditions of corporate social responsibility:

  • We actively contribute to the development of our profession and the transfer of knowledge to others who would like to be educated in the profession.
  • We inform our visitors and suppliers that we work according to the principles of corporate social responsibility.
  • We make transparent agreements with visitors and suppliers on the quality of our products and how we maintain this quality.
  • We determine the social impact of our services and limit as much as possible any negative impact, such as fraudulent practices, intimidation, exploitation and child labour.
  • We maintain both the continuity of our enterprise and of our employees, and we provide services should we experience a loss of income.
  • We voluntarily offer a contribution to social causes by giving gifts and sponsoring and/or volunteer work.
  • We work continuously to reduce the environmental impact and increase the sustainable character of our business.
  • We work continuously to improve our own purchasing processes and focus especially on goods and services that are sustainable, for example, those provided with an environmental sustainability and/or social certificate.
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