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Teylers Museum offers a unique and inspiring environment for different types of events and meetings. With its beautiful 18th-century architecture and extensive art and science collections, the museum is a very suitable location for both business and private events.

Meetings for Intellectual Dialogue and Debate in the Lecture Room

At Teylers Museum, there is abundant room available for intellectual dialogue and debate in authentic surroundings. The museum has a long-standing tradition in this regard.



Lecture Room

The 19th-century Lecture Room on the first floor has a classic lecture room design, large enough for up to 100 people. In this room, Teylers curators, including Nobel Prize winner Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, presented many public lectures and demonstrations. The room is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, including a computer, a beamer and audio. During meetings in the Lecture Room, staff provide (technical) support.

Would you like to combine a lecture or presentation with a reception or drinks? In that case the Lecture Room will hold up to 75 people.

Meetings at Teylers Museum

Would you like your meeting to take place in atmospheric surroundings? This can be arranged in one of the museum’s historical rooms, for groups of between 2 and 20.

The following museum rooms are suitable for meetings:

Rotunda & Anteroom

The Anteroom is the intimate room leading to the Lecture Room. Meetings of up to 16 people can be arranged here.


The Blitslab has all the characteristics of a proper laboratory. Located in Teylers Museum’s lush garden, it is suitable for meetings of up to 12 people.

Educational Pavilion

The Educational Pavilion is located in the museum’s modern wing. It is a light-filled space, with all the modern conveniences. Suitable for meetings of up to 20 people.

Photography and Filming

Visitors are permitted to take photographs in the museum, but only without tripod and without flash. For commercial photography, videos and films, please make an appointment with our Commercial Affairs Department.

Couples who want to have their wedding ceremony or civil partnership registration in the museum can also have a photographer take wedding photographs there. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only have your wedding photographs taken here.

Journalists can get in touch with our Press Department.

Weddings and Civil Partnership Registrations

The 19th-century Lecture Room is an atmospheric venue for your wedding ceremony or civil partnership registration. The room still has all of its original decoration and furniture. It holds up to 150 people. After the ceremony, a festive reception can be held in the Rotunda Anteroom: an intimate, atmospheric room leading to the Lecture Room. For large receptions, of up to 100 people, the Museum Café, in the Garden Room, is very suitable.

Couples who organize their wedding ceremony or civil partnership registration at the museum can have a photographer take their wedding photographs there, too. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only have your wedding photographs taken at the museum.

Dinner Second Picture Gallery

Dining in Style

The Second Picture Gallery was built in 1893 to provide a home for the growing collection of ‘living masters’. It is a spacious room, with large skylights. The venue for an exclusive dinner! The adjacent Garden Room is a possible venue for a reception.

The Anteroom of the Lecture Room is an intimate, atmospheric room for a small dinner party.

In both cases, it is possible to book an associated museum programme: a guided tour or art viewing under the supervision of a curator.


Receptions can be held in the Rotunda & Anteroom (for up to 70 people); and after 17.00, at the Museum Café, in the recently refurbished Garden Room (for up to 100 people).



Our Department of Commercial Affairs would be happy to work with you. Please send an email to or call +31 (0)23-553 19 85.

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