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At Teylers Museum, everyone is welcome. We are aware there are challenges facing visitors with an impairment and are doing our best to improve our service.

Werknemers aan het werk

Our staff at the desk in the entrance hall and the security staff in the museum are always ready to help. You can recognize them by the Teylers logo on their uniform or clothing. Ask them for assistance or additional information.

We look forward to your visit!

Do you have questions or suggestions?

Please contact Winston Brandon, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion, by email at or phone at +31 (0)23-5160960.

Arriving by Car or Public Transport

Visitors with a Physical Impairment

Teylers Museum is wheelchair and walker accessible. All doors are at least 85 cm wide. A few of the historical rooms are, however, not easily accessible. Two toilets in the museum are wheelchair accessible. Assistance dogs are very welcome. We kindly ask you to keep the dog on its lead.

Due to its vulnerable set-up, Teylers Museum is not accessible to mobility scooters. Electric wheelchairs are permitted, but restrictions apply to their dimensions. Two wheelchairs are available at the museum. For more information on dimensions or to reserve a wheelchair, please contact us at or call +31 (0)23-5160960.

Wheelchair entrance, Spaarne 18

Wheelchair entrance, Spaarne 18


The museum entrance is located at Spaarne 16. There is a stairway with three steps in front of the main entrance.

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

The entrance for visitors using a wheelchair or a walker is located to the left of the main entrance, at Spaarne 18. On the left doorpost are a doorbell and an intercom. The museum shop staff will open the door for you if you ring the doorbell. You can then enter the shop by way of a ramp, and turn right to get to the entrance hall of the museum from there.

Entrance Hall and Ticket Sales

At the desk in the entrance hall, you can buy a ticket, pick up a floorplan of the museum and a free audio player, if you like. On either side of the desk are two smaller rooms. Here, you will find lockers for your coat and bag. Bags larger than A4 size cannot be brought into the museum rooms. The lockers can be used free of charge and operate with a code of your own choice.

Free Admission for Assistants

People who have difficulty visiting the museum independently can bring an assistant free of charge. The assistant’s ticket is available at the desk in the museum entrance hall and online. Select ‘Ander geldig toegangsbewijs', or other valid ticket.

Take a Seat

There are stools available in the entrance hall. Help yourself to one of them and bring it with you, for a restful sit during your visit to the museum. They weigh 1.7 kg and can bear a weight of up to 110 kg.

Audio Player

You can visit Teylers Museum with the help of an audio guide. The staff at the entrance hall desk can provide a player free of charge. The player does not come with headphones; you hold it up to your ear like a phone. You can control the audio guide yourself, pause it when you want to and adjust the volume.






The toilets are gender neutral; you can use any toilet, then. Toilets are located in two places in the museum: toilets that can be reached through the museum shop (at the front of the building) and toilets immediately beyond the museum café (at the back of the building).

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

Wheelchair accessible toilets can be found in the corridor between the museum shop and the entrance hall, and among the toilets at the back of the building, beyond the museum café.

The Building

The oldest room at Teylers Museum dates from 1784. During the course of the centuries, the museum has expanded with several other rooms. With thresholds and wooden cases in the middle of rooms, many rooms are not easily accessible. The rooms also differ from each other in height and size, and the floors are not smooth and level everywhere.

Since the museum was built at a time when there was no electricity yet, there are windows everywhere to let the daylight in. Despite the electric lighting now present, some of the rooms are still a little dark in the winter or when the weather is gloomy.

Rooms and Corridors

Some corridors have fire-resistant swing doors. These are usually open. If they happen to have closed, the security staff are always ready to help push the doors open, if they are too heavy for you to open on your own.

Sometimes it is necessary to climb three steps to get to the next room. In such cases, there is an alternative passageway with a ramp, by means of which you can get to the next room. This is not the case in the Pieter Teyler House.

Hall with stairs

Hall with stairs

Wheelchair entrance, The Pieter Teylers House.

Wheelchair entrance, The Pieter Teylers House.

The Pieter Teyler House

From the Oval Room, you can descend three steps to enter the Pieter Teyler House. Visitors using a wheelchair can enter the house from the outside, through the original front door at Damstraat 21. To get there, you first need to leave the museum. Ask the security staff to open the door on Damstraat for you. From the main entrance of the museum (Spaarne 16), you turn to the right and then turn to the right again into Damstraat until you get to number 21, on your right.

In the Pieter Teyler House, only the ground floor is accessible, unfortunately. There is no lift to the first floor.

In the side room of the Pieter Teyler House is the miniature of the house, so you can still see what the whole house looks like. The door is 85 cm wide. There is a short (rather steep) ramp down.


Between the various rooms are stone thresholds. There are sloping mats on either side of the threshold, to make passage in a wheelchair easier.

First Floor

The first floor of the museum (Lecture Room, Library and Reading Room) is only accessible as part of a guided tour or for meetings. The first floor is not easily accessible to visitors with a physical impairment. Please notify the museum in advance of your visit at or by phone at +31 (0)23-5160960.



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