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Triceratops in Haarlem

In collaboration with Naturalis and the Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland

07.07.2024 - 01.09.2024

Teylers Museum

Age 10+, Everyone, Age 4+, Families

In 2013, Naturalis made a fantastic discovery in Wyoming in the United States. Researchers and taxidermists, together with paleontology students and a team of volunteers, uncovered more than 1.200 bones and bone fragments. Research revealed that this is a unique find: a complete herd of five Triceratops!

Triceratops horridus is an iconic herbivorous dinosaur. With three enormous horns, a striking neck shield, a weight of 5,500 kilograms and a length of almost 10 meters, it dominated the swamps of North America about 67 million years ago.

After more than ten years of excavation and preparation, the animals will be ready to be exhibited in Naturalis in October 2024. Before the exhibition in Naturalis, the animals travel to libraries in the Netherlands. They are also coming to Haarlem!

From early July to August 14, you have the chance to admire one of these Triceratops up close in the Bibliotheek Haarlem Centrum.

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Would you like to discover more about the Triceratops? Then come to Teylers Museum. We organize fun activities throughout the summer holidays (7 July to 1 September). Are you curious about the Triceratops's contemporaries? Do you know what their bones, teeth and paw prints look like? Where they lived, what they ate? Research it for yourself in Teylers!

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